Friday, July 4, 2008

Was apprised, a few weeks ago, by Upstanding Shul Member, that my ability to consume (and hold) hard liquor is apparently regarded as my most noteworthy achievement by (male) shul acquaintances. Was shocked into a few seconds of speechlessness by this, as had hitherto cherished long-held, but no doubt delusional, conviction of having accomplishments of rather more intrinsic worth; conviction fortunately upheld by husband who muttered into my ear that This isn't much of a compliment. Upon further reflection, realization set in that achievements I had in mind (law degree, inordinate consumption of literary and philosophical works, some ability in quoting the Mishna Berura) are not considered impressive by most, with possible exception of achieving Perfect Jelly Roll. Am still baffled as to why consumption of alcohol should so impress.

Had several thoroughly depressing conversations on the topic of Feminism. Apparently, it is quite the thing, in certain circles, to preface any remark on gender relations with a deprecatory "I'm not a feminist, or anything..." (but I do think all men are insensitive morons who ought to be taken out and be shot at dawn). Would like to state for the record that I am a feminist, and as such, am not prepared to make stereotypical, biased statements about people based on their gender. Am very tired of explaining to people that, No, this does not mean I am voting for Hillary Clinton.

On the other hand, am heartened to discover that certain members of Our Shul do believe that it is possible to have too much racism, sexism, homophobia, and generally illiberal attitudes typical of homo sovieticus. (You can say what you like about Stalin, but he Did Keep
Them In Line).

And, on completely different note: Found out at 10 am today that Immigration Court asylum hearing scheduled for today at 1pm adjourned, date TBA. Can only speculate that Immigration Judge realized folly of scheduling 3-hour hearing on July 3, decided to make early departure for beach. Client far from ecstatic, as herself, husband, and witness already made complicated arrangements to be absent from work. Am similarly lacking in ecstasy, as had asked mother to watch kids, necessitating mother's absence from work and 2-hour train-ride to Brooklyn, which was already underway by the time hearing was canceled. Client understandably very nervous and will have to be prepped again, whenever they decide to schedule the next hearing. Kids, however, quite happy to have Baba spend the afternoon.