Tuesday, August 4, 2009

7 more-or-less random things I love

Tagged by inkstained hands:

1. My work; especially those times when I can feel I am doing something of real significance - at least to a give person.

2. People agreeing with me - it happens so, so rarely.

3. James Merrill. He was a poet of whom none of you have heard (if I'm wrong, let me know - I'll actually be thrilled) and I fangirl him with the fire of a thousand suns. Seriously.

4. Music. This means most opera, anything by Mozart, Bach, or Messiaen. Also Metallica, the Ramones, the Cruxshadows, Flogging Molly. &c, &c.

5. Commenting during movies. It is a horrible, atrocious, deeply annoying (to others) habit - I know.

6. Should books even be on here? To me, reading is more like breathing - I don't think I could stop if I wanted to.

7. Learning new things.


Moshe said...

So are you the one doing this during horror movies:
"Don't go down there!"
"Oh no she didn't!"
"It's the killer! It's the killer!"

Dina said...

I'm the one going:

"There's rules of evidence, you know - you can't just do that!"

"Why doesn't he just shoot him already, instead of trying to talk him to death?"

"Arterial blood is not that color, and that rigor mortis should've worn off by now."

Moshe said...

This is why I didn't bother watching Ocean's 13. Dunno why I watched 12. Absolutely nothing to do with reality. Firewall, the worst Harrison Ford movie ever.

Did you watch The Brave One?

Dina said...

No, I haven't. Was bored stiff by Ocean's 11 and didn't bother watching all the way through the sequels.

If you're going to ignore reality, you better make that movie compelling enough for me not to notice or care..

Moshe said...

Still waiting for movie companies to stop using laser beams and alarm systems that stop working as soon as someone cuts power.