Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A Meeting and a Literary Effort

Son's parent-teacher conference last night. Arrive to be confronted with sign-up list; upon signing, sit down and observe that all women present appear to have better sheitlach than I. Resolve not to let this observation lead to inferiority complex, as fall down resulting slippery slope likely to end in bankruptcy and/or psychiatric condition. Instead focus on completing translation of Nautilus Pompilius song begun earlier that day while waiting for court case to be called. Other parents talk about sheitlach and upcoming sheva brochos of couple unknown to me.

Finally, my turn arrives and I enter classroom. Rebbe looks up at me and smiles weakly; I take this as cue to introduce myself, whereupon he nods and remains silent. I sit down and look at him expectantly, as do not quite like to ask What Trouble has Son been Getting Into? Rebbe appears to pull self together and tells me that Reading is very Good, but can be Wild at Playtime, neither of which surprises me. Inquire as to What he thinks should be Done, more to appear Caring Parent than because I think anything can be done to significantly modify Son's Behavior. He tells me it has gotten Better (Why?) and inquires whether we are related to a Rav who used to be on the Lower East Side about fifty years ago, because our last name is not common, and Son looks a little like him.

Lack of content to this meeting should have been wholly anticipated by self, as particularly Egregious acts by child always precepitate phone calls from concerned educators - such as last year, when Son tried to practice karate moves on the other children. (Query: why, nevertheless, do I feel compelled to attend these Events? Answer: deep-seated and possible irrational conviction that it is necessary in order to be a Good Mother.)

Return on foot, with coat open due to broken zipper, and begin to watch Raiders of the Lost Ark. After the first fifteen minutes give up in exasperation, as have recalled ending as well as annoying behavior of female lead, who insists on wearing skimpy white dresses in all kinds of inappropriate locations such as snake-infested pyramids and pirate ships, and screams Too Much.


Mikeinmidwood said...

Rebbeim would prefer a man to step into the room. He also probably doesnt have any social skills.

Dina said...

Well, they can prefer what they like, but everyone knows it's mostly mothers that show up for these things.

SubWife said...

Ahh, PTA for DD last night. Same thoughts about sheitels, the only difference is that I don't wear them at all. So while waiting to be called, I just sit and repeat as a mantra, "It's not a snood, it's a scarf; it's not a snood, it's a scarf. And halachically more preferable." Whatever... Was I supposed to wear a suit? Seemed like all other mothers did.

Dina said...

No, I was the only one in a suit. And I wouldn't have been wearing a suit and a sheitel except I had just come from court.

Moshe said...

Shoulda been telling yourself that unlike the other women there, you have a job, and a real one at that.